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FCC Proposal

Thanks to all for setting the record straight on the FCC proposal that would 
permit auxiliary operation on 2 meters. Especially Rick (W2GPS) for making 
the ARRL aware of their original posting error. I see this morning that the 
article has been updated and corrected.


What is concerning to some degree is how the FCC seems to be swayed more and 
more commercial interest.   Whether or not this 'Sky Command' is a good 
thing or not is a topic for another thread, but it still only pertains to 
Kenwood radios at this time. My question is, how many dinners did this cost 
Kenwood? As many as the power companies for BPL approval?

But there is also other interesting news to come out of the FCC proposal 
article. That is, the FCC did deny authorization of a service similar to the 
Family Radio Service in the 420-450 MHz amateur band. As a user of the of 70 
CM band  I can only say thank you very much.

The removal of T/A from power amplifiers, which was a silly idea to start 
with, is also a good thing. Prohibiting sale and marketing of power 
amplifiers capable of operating between 24 and 35 MHz made it hard on us 
hams. Didn't do much to stop illegal high power 27 MHz CB operations.

As to the matter to require pre-space notifications for amateur spacecraft, 
is this a big issue? Maybe someone with more knowledge can comment on this.

You may electronically comment on the NPRM by Tuesday, June 15  via the FCC 
Electronic Comment Filing System.


May I suggest you do so.

GL Keith N4ZQ

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