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Re: Small Satellite Tracker Project?

>>> "O.J.Lougheed" <oj@nerpa.net> 4/16/04 1:42:18 AM >>>
>At times the moon might go through the fan beam. 
>Australians have detected US UHF TV stations 
>VIA the moon. Digipan works well!
>Post to the list if worthwhile...

Yes, a few times a month, the moon goes through the
fan beam, and just about anyone can hear it.  Remember
The transmitter is a 750 Kw transmitter.  That is about 
30 dB greater than most EME stations, so you should
be able to hear the echo on a dipole...

Just tune to 216.98 MHz when the moon passes through 
the azimuth of 91.5 or 271.5 degrees from the main 
transmitter at  33 deg 34m N and 98 deg 46m W.

de Wb4APR, Bob


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