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Remote Control of Satellite Stations

" The proposed ... rules would permit auxiliary operation 
>from 145.8 to 146.0 MHz in addition...
>The Sky Command system permits the  user to operate 
>certain Kenwood equipment remotely via a VHF/UHF 
>handheld transceiver.
>Please take the time to file a comment with the FCC.

Well, before we get too big a knee jerk reaction, I think
it would be best to consider that the reason for
this is to permit someone to use Sky command to 
remotely operate their $2000 satelliite all-mode rig 
from a distant point.

This allows one to invest in a super-dooper Satellite
station out at the barn or in a quiet location or on a hill
where it can see the horizon away from QRM and then
to be able to remotely control it using the sky-command

The FCC rule change to permit operation of an AUX
controlled radio in the satellite band HAS NOTHING TO DO
are not in the band,  only the controlled radio.

I for one, see no reason why we should not allow such
remote operation of super-dooper satellite stations.
For example, then, we would put up one here on the
roof of my office which would eliminate 250 feet
of coax runs.  Then, instead of the station only being
used by one person say once in a blue moon, it could
be used more often by about a dozen other hams that 
also work where I do via sky command from their HT's.

This would improve the use of the amateur satellites
what they are inteneded for,  that is GET PEOPLE ON
THE AIR using the satellites.

So lets not take a miopic knee jerk reaction and 
just scream protest whenver we see 145.8 MHz in 
print.  The question is, do you want to permit remote
operation of the top of the line all mode Kenwood 
TS-2000 satellite radio?

I say YES.  And the links needed to do that remote
control are NOT in the satellite band.

de WB4APR, Bob

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