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RE: Big FCC Proposal

I think the article Keith was referring to was a few articles down - the 
ARRL probably thought it was an afterthought since it didn't have anything 
to do with HF:
FCC Proposes Wide-Ranging Changes to Amateur Service Rules

"The FCC additionally proposed a rule change that would make Kenwood's Sky 
Command system legal for operation within the US. The Commission said it 
believes Kenwood's proposal "will be consistent with our flexible-use 
policy in the Amateur Service." The proposed amendment to §97.201(b) of the 
rules would permit auxiliary operation from 145.8 to 146.0 MHz in addition 
to frequency segments already authorized. The Sky Command system permits 
the user to operate certain Kenwood equipment remotely via a VHF/UHF 
handheld transceiver. "

 From what I could see from reading this and other materials Kenwood 
lobbied hard to get access to the OSCAR subband. Tragic - as if we don't 
have enough jamming in that band as it is.

Did someone forget to tell the FCC that earth to ISS communications also 
shares that band?



At 09:37 AM 4/16/2004 +1000, Tony Langdon (ATC) wrote:
> > Well folks if the FCC has it way, things are going to get a
> > little more
> > crowded in the two meter satellite band. This is just one of
> > many proposals
> > the FCC has put forth today. Surf on over to
> > www.arrl.org and read all about it.
>A link to the exact article would help.  Skimmed the first few headlines and
>it was all about BPL, and don't have the time to do a "treasure hunt" (not a
>good look in the office LOL). :)

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