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Re: 3m dish applications

NOAA is switching their NOAAPORT signal from a synchronous serial
datastream to a DVB-S IP over satellite stream.  With an LNB, a DVB
receiver (card or standalone unit), and the appropriate software you can
get near-realtime datafeeds from NEXRAD satellite stations, the GOES
downlinks, a realtime stream of forecasts and NOAA weather

I picked it up with a 3m BUD and the C-Band LNB that was on the dish for
TVRO use.

>With 3m dishes following me home every few months from
>someone's abandoned back  yard, I wonder what to do with
>one now that AO-40 is not currently on the air?
>All I know of are:
>1)  NASA Select TV
>2) TVRO sound channel for Houston AMSAT net
>3)  FLEETsat on military UHF (all encrypted so nothing to hear)
>4)  Pointing to south to hear pings from ISS passing through the Space
>Surveillance fence on 216.98 MHz
>5) the 468 MHz timing signal from GOES satellites (E & W)
>Anything else worth playing with?

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