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list driven tracking software


I am looking for some software that will accept a timestamped list of 
azimuth and elevation settings to "drive" my m2 orion Az/El system. The 
list of azimuth / elevation readings are output from JPL horizons system 
and in this case represents the Rosetta spacecraft. Currently I am 
manually moving the dish but I would like to automate the process if 
possible. The format of the data looks like this:

 2004-Apr-10 16:30 *m  144.9863  43.9854
 2004-Apr-10 16:35 *m  146.5575  44.5347
 2004-Apr-10 16:40 *m  148.1584  45.0616
 2004-Apr-10 16:45 *m  149.7888  45.5650
 2004-Apr-10 16:50 *m  151.4484  46.0443
 2004-Apr-10 16:55 *m  153.1366  46.4984
 2004-Apr-10 17:00 *m  154.8528  46.9268
 2004-Apr-10 17:05 *m  156.5961  47.3284

Any suggestions?

I currently use Nova but could not find an option to allow input as shown above.



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