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Re: Small Satellite Tracker Project?

>Hi, Bob
>What's this radar used for? Is there a website for it?
>73, Jim

It is (and has been for 40 years), the primary means
for tracking all objects in space.  It helps generate
the tracking data used by NORAD to put together
Keplarian elements. 

These days there are other point-tracking radars 
that can track smaller things and more accurately
with pencil beams, but they have to KNOW where
an object is to find them.

The big fan beam radar is the only thing that can find 
"new" unknown objects.  Search GOOGLE for

If you live in Ala, Texas or Arizona, just tune any SSB
receiver to 216.98 MHz and you should hear 
pings or chirps.  There is a link on our RAFT pages
for some WAV files others have recorded...

de WB4APR, Bob

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