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Tracking Software

Greetings, AMSATs!

First of all, Happy Easter to all of you!

Second, I am looking to purchase satellite tracking software for my
desktop/laptop PC. I have downloaded a demo version of NOVA, and it seems to
work great. Before I go and download and install another program (only a
dialup connection here, folks!), I thought I would ask for your advice on
which program you feel would be the *best* choice (if there is such a thing
such as best!).

Currently, the only tracking program I'm running is Pocket Sat Plus; while
it does the job quite well, before I actually purchase something, I'd like
the most bells and whistles possible!

Thanks for your input!

73, Telly

Steven K. Tellefson, KC9BUU
Grid EN52gk
Stephenson County
Davis, Illinois
AMSAT #35407

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