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RE: 2 meter satellite sub-band interference


I just read the message of this restaurant using 2m satellite band for 
making long distance calls during deliveries. Very good that they picked 
this one out, but why it took the FCC 2 years before they go into action.

Then the reason that none of the users has a licence is not valid.
What when one would have a licence ? They could still use it for delivering 
food ???
They use the 2m radio in commercial way, and there they violate the law !!!
Just give them one warning, to shut-down the complete radio, when not, even 
the second day, go there and let it remove, and give them the $10.000 

(then give the $10.000 to AMSAT so we can make satellites that use the same 
frequencies in a good way :o)

Maybe a good cubesat project would be to make a pirat-radio detector .o)

Kind regards,

William Leijenaar in Mendoza Argentina...

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