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Small Satellite Tracker Project?

AMSAT Project Opportunity:

Tracking the position of tiny Amateur satellites (cubesats) 
down to a few seconds in their orbit can be easily done
using the technique we propose on our RAFT cubesat.

Using a simple direct-conversion receiver at 216.98 MHz
(the frequency of the 80 megawatt ERP Naval Space Radar), 
an audio-ping will be heard whenever the satellite flies through 
the very narrow 0.2 degree fan beam over Texas.  The ping
lasts on the order of a second, but it nails your position quite 
accurately.  You command it on for a few seconds in your 
satellites downlink whenever you want to find your satellite 
over the southern USA.

We think we can build these things about the size of a book
of paper matches.  Just a 216.98 MHz local oscillator and
an NE602 mixer should do it?

Does anyone want to help us develop this device for our 
RAFT satellite to fly next year?  This will also possibly help
other Amateur Projects as well.  A good volunteer project...

See the project http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/raft.html

Remember, the NSSS Radar fence is 80 Mwatts, so 
this thing does not need to be sensitive... nor have its
own antenna even...  Thus it will fit nicely on just about any
amateur satellite if you are worried about losing it...

de WB4APR, Bob

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