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Re: HF satellite Antenna

At 05:43 PM 4/8/2004, Robert Bruninga wrote:

>Its wrapped around the cube 12 times in a slot...
> >Where would I find some of the wire, say 16.98 feet
> >or so, so I could do some testing?
>Thats the problem.  Nitinol comes in 6 foot lengths.
>Going to the MFR we can buy a 1800 foot spool
>for $1800... Ha!   Nitinol is that fancy wire that has
>excellent and programable memory.  Bend it to any
>shape and heat it to 900 deg and then cool.  It
>will hold that shape and remember it.  Then spool
>it up, and when unspooled it will return to the
>original shape.  In our case, its simply straight.

A thought: Three six foot lengths of the nitinol could possibly be 
exothermic (cad) welded together.  Because of the small diameter of the 
wire, a small crucible could be built out of fireplace fire brick.  I'm not 
sure how well the wire would handle the short intense heat of the 
exothermic weld, but the polishing of the weld afterwards would be trivial.

73, Mike kf4fdj 

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