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RE:HF satellite antenna

Bob and gang,

I think you are describing a Fuchs half-wave antenna that was originally
invented for Zeppelins. The impedence is very high at the end of the half
wave whip and it is voltage fed so small output powers give high voltages.

The whip meets a parallel capacitor and coil circuit which is tuned to the
resonant frequency. At the other end the coil goes to the braid and the
capacitor to the core of the coax. You need high voltage capacitors and
thick coils!

About 10 years ago on this side of the pond a Japanese company marketed
them I think it was Mizuho??? i remember that you *tuned* it bytrimming the
end while it hung horozontally, and it had a very narrow bandwidth.

I'll be off line over the holiday but I have some magazine articles
somewhere I can scan for you (although they are in French and German), 
they give values for the 10m band. 

73 de Andy, G0SFJ

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