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Re: Swedish Repeaters on wrong frequencies

> > It has been brought to my attention that the Swedish 70 cm
> > repeaters have input frequencies in the satellite band on
> > 70 cm.

 I have no knowledge about the "Misuse" of the amateur satellite service
frequencies but I expect that it has come about as a result of the strong
ISM interference that exists in Scandinavia and in other parts of Europe
around 433.0-433.4

I can however advise that, at the recent IARU Region 1 VHF Managers'
meeting, a Danish proposal to move the inputs down by 400kHz was approved.
this will mean that these repeaters will have a 2MHz input/output spacing
rather than the existing 1.6MHz but that the inputs (between 432.6 and
433.0) will be clear of the ISM QRM. (and also the space band)

I do not know the likely timescales for this change but it should not take


Graham G3VZV

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