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RE: NASA TV Free on Dishnetwork

> > NASA TV is also a "Free" channel on Dish network. 
> > That is, it is one of the few channels that are
> > available before activation.  I received a 2 receiver
> > system and subscription but didn't have the 2nd
> > 

> Do I understand correctly?
> I can use "unactivated" equipment to watch NASA TV on Dish Network?
> I don't watch much TV at all, but I do like NASA TV

Actually, you don't even need a Dish Network receiver.  Any MPEG-II/DVB receiver will 
receive it.  Although you will need either a dishnet or DTV LNB.  
   If you have a big dish, you can even piggyback a DTV or Dish lnbf onto your feedhorn, 
and use a cheap <$100 PC card to receive NASA.
    Actually, if you have a regular big or medium dish with a regular (11700-12200) lnb, 
it will even work for NASA-TV from the Dish network feed, even though the freq for this 
is 12297 , because the regular LNBs go enough beyond their normal band to pick up the 
strong dish network signals out of band.
   I just got done watching a bit of the Dish Network NASA TV signal on my big dish using 
the $100 PC MPEG card, and it works fine, at least as long as Dish doesn't put another 
signal nearby.  It only works because there aren't any other nearby signals, and because 
the signals are so strong, because the dish signals are circular polarized, and a regular 
TVRO feedhorn is linear polarization, but since the signals are so strong, you can live 
with the loss.
   Anyway, no need to get a Dish Network system if you have a spare DBS dish or an 
existing C/Ku system. All you need is a cheap $100 MPEG receiver.

Bill Jones   Sweden, Maine wejones at megalink dot net

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