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New Yaesu FT-958

Appears new radio from Yaesu. The message below was received from a friend
of mine on an Icom mailing list. Has anyone else heard and/or seen anything
about this. Any pics?  Guess we'll have to see it at Dayton.


Rick ... N4WYK ...

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Subject: [Icom] New Awesome Yaesu VHF/UHF Radio
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Yaesu/Vertex announced Wednesday plans to unveil its newest
VHF/UHF/Satellite transceiver at the 2004 Dayton Hamvention.  The FT958 will
be a do-it-all weak signal and satellite transceiver, meant to compete with
the Kenwood TS2000 and Icom 910H.  The FT958 will come equipped with 4 bands
as standard: 6 meter, 2 meters, 70 cm at 100 watts output, and 23 cm at 50
watts output.  The FT958 will be able to hold 4 additional band modules,
with optional modules offered for HF, 222 (at 100 watts), 902 (at 50
watts),and 2300-2450 (at 10 watts).  Yaesu hopes to offer additional modules
10ghz and 24ghz at Dayton 2006.

"This will be the ultimate VHF/UHF radio" sources at Yaesu said.  "We may
have dropped the ball in replacing the FT736 with the FT847, but this will
put us at the top of the VHF/UHF/Satellite game again."  The FT958 will
include dual receive, including dual in-band receive.  It will feature
full duplex, AF-DSP for both receivers, crossband repeater capabilities, and
a built in TCXO.

In addition, Yaesu will be instituting its own version of Kenwood's
controversial Sky Command remote control system with the FT958.  The
systems, called WIRES Mark V, will not face the legal issues that Sky
Command does because all control and return audio signals will utilize
frequencies above 440 mhz.  The system will initially use the 70cm and 23cm
bands for control and audio signals, with other combinations available in
the future.

Yaesu plans to introduce its new VX-9R quad band HT to work with the WIRES
Mark V system.  The VX-9R will cover 6 meters, 2 meters, 70 cm and 23 cm
with dual receive, built in TNC, and LiON battery power. Yaesu hopes to be
shipping the first FT958s to the US by late 2004, with the VX-9R to be
introduced at the same time.  "These are exciting times for the VHF/UHF
community and Yaesu" sources at Yaesu said.  "We also hope to eventually
introduce band modules for 3.4ghz and 5.7ghz.  We want the FT958 to be the
transceiver of choice for weak signal operating and contesting." Prices are
expected to start at $2300 for the basic FT958, with modules running from
$400 to $800, depending on band.


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