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C-C Rider comments

David, KD5QGR asked about the possibility of a C-band to C-band transponder
on P3E.

I presented the concept of an in-band C-Band transponder at last October's
AMSAT Symposium in Toronto. The concept involves making use of the two
C-band allocation segments we have allocated for the Amateur Satellite
Service: 5650-5670 MHz uplink and 5830-5850 MHz downlink (i.e. 180 MHz
separation). The paired allocation has the advantage to the user that the
SAME antenna could be used for both TX & RX.

The paper is available in the Symposium Proceedings (contact Martha to get a
copy). It also has been translated into Danish and appeared in a recent
AMSAT-OZ newsletter.  The paper also notes that the microwave portion of the
transponder on a spacecraft would be identical to that needed by a user on
the ground; all that needs to be done is to swap the TX and RX ports. I
named the concept as "C-C Rider" to mean "C-band to C-band package to RIDE
on amateur satellites"; the name also conveys some humor: We have all heard
Ma Rainey's old blues song C-C Rider (sometimes spelled S-C Ryder) as sung
by Big Bill Broonzy, Elvis, Ray Charles, Kingston Trio, Ian & Sylvia, etc.

I presented the concept as an idea. At the Symposium I asked for people to
try to shoot the concept down, but so far there has been little feedback. To
my knowledge, no spacecraft is yet planning to fly a C-C transponder,
although Rick, W2GPS would like to see it considered as an addition to the
current baseline configuration for Eagle.

Hope that answered the question. 73 de Tom, W3IWI

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