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Mode U/s available on future birds?

Hello group,

I received my journal yesterday, and have enjoyed reading it!  The Echo and
Phase 3e info was very interesting!

I have not had a chance to read all of the Journal, so excuse me if these
questions have already been addressed. I've been scouring the Amsat-NA and
Amsat-DL web sites, with no luck.

I'm anxious to find out if the satellite designers are planning on using
Mode U/s again, especially on the new HEOs? I'd like to know as soon as
possible, so that I can plan my antenna configuration for a tower I'll be
installing this summer.

I put together a pretty decent S-band downlink for AO-40, and had great
results!  In spite of Leila's false alarms, etc - I really enjoyed U/s
operation! I am not in a position to build an L-band uplink at this point,
so if L/s will provide the only S-band downlink, I suppose I'll leave the
dish in the basement..

The info that I've read up to now leads me to believe that fixed
transponders will be used, rather than the matrix type used on AO-40?

Thanks for any help. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that AO-40 hasn't
given up yet!


Kyle Yoksh
Amsat #35249

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