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UO-11 birthday

Hi all

I've just listen to both UOSAT-2 beacons, between 
0500-0510UTC, 1st March 2004.
The VHF beacon signal was 53 most of the pass.
The S beacon was audible, around 51, but it was 
very hard to track due the high elevation pass.
Even so it was worth to wake up in the middle 
of the night (it's 5.20 AM local). But it's not 
everyday we attend a satellite 20th birthday party :0)
The equipment used:
VHF: TS-790A, 8+8 elem yagi RHCP, no pre-amp
SHF: FT-847 +1.2m dish prime focus + Keps converter
Rotator: Yaesu G5400B, manual tracking.
Congratulations to University of Surrey and all
involved on such a remarcable achievement.
Happy Birthday UO-11.

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT

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