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More satellites in short time...


I see some hams have interrest in FM birds and other
in lineair transponders.

As a designer I can say that an FM transponder is not
a very big deal compaired to a lineair transponder.
With todays technology it would be no more space than
a portable radio. 

As far as there can be a lineair transponder it would
be no problem for me to include also a small FM
transponder... more people happy, and for a very small
price :o) Only the power budget will be a problem...
so propable it will not always be switched on...  

Don't worry about FM, its with todays technology one
of the simplest things to design...
Just 3 chips, RX chip, TX chip, and one extra chip for
more power... thats all... 

Its like I call "LEGO" electronics hihi
(LEGO is technical toy of small plastic parts) 
Just put the "LEGO" parts together like in the
description book and at the end you have your car or
whatever you are making.

With FM the same, just put the components around the
integrated circuit, like in the datasheet, and you
have your receiver or whatever you are making. 

Finally we find a way to get more satellites, and
people happy.

73 de PE1RAH, William 
in Buenos Aires

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