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Beacon Rate on ISS


If someone is going to beacon, the recommendation is every 2 minutes.  This 
will provide 4-5 opportunities during a pass for the individual to get 
their packet through.

Actually, we discourage beaconing and autonomous operations with the 
ISS.  Automatic operations tends to fill our precious uplink frequencies 
with hundreds of packets, many times to satellites or an ISS that is not 
there.  And because there are so many people out there that want to 
communicate through ISS, beaconing can be considered interference.

Unless there is some kind of experiment going on (that I am not aware of) 
then a 15 second beacon does sound excessive.


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 > I was listening to the ISS today, and I noticed a station that was line of
 > site with me was transmitting a beacon every 15 seconds.  This seems very
 > excessive to me.
 > Are there recommended beacon rates when transmitting to the ISS and other
 > UI digipeating satellites?
 > 73,
 > Emily

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