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UO-11 Birthday Approaches

Hi Folks,

  I thought a reminder of UO-11's birthday on 1 March might be in order as
its only a couple of days away. Please see below for a reminder of the
announcement I made a couple of weeks ago. Please note that to qualify for
the special endorsement on your QSL card you MUST hear the satellite on 1
MARCH UTC NOT your local time.

  It looks likely that the 2m transmitter will be active on Monday. (If its
not the special endorsement will be made for heasring it on the first day
that the 2 metre tx is on).

  Also the 2.4 GHz tx looks as though it will be on, and to get the double
endorsement (actual birthday AND 2.4GHz), this is the signal to listen for!

<repeated message>

  In case it had escaped your notice, on 1 Mar 2004, UO-11 (aka UOSAT-2)
will have been in space for 20 years! To mark the event, AMSAT-UK will be
issuing a commemorative QSL card in exchange for listener reports from
stations hearing the signals during the month of March 2004. The reports
MUST be made by way of the reporting page on our web site (see links below),
and the QSL card will be in the form of a downloadable "E-QSL". Depending on
the numbers of reports received, it MAY be possible to issue printed QSL
cards, but a decision will be taken on this when we can gauge the numbers
involved. (We dont want to get swamped out!)

  UO-11 was the second satellite to be launched by Martin Sweeting's group
at the University of Surrey, and its telemetry beacon can now be heard on
the 2 metre and 2.4GHz amateur radio bands (The 2.4 Ghz signal is not very
strong and represents quite a challenge). Depending on the status of the
satellite, it sometimes goes into 'safe' mode, and the beacon transmitters
are not activated for days at a time. We have asked the University of Surrey
Ground station staff (who can still command the satellite) to maximise the
number of days the transmitters are active during March, but other duties
might preclude them from doing this.

  Please pass this information on to anyone who might be interested.

Please see
www.uk.amsat.org for an article and pictures about UO-11
details of the 'rules' for reports, and a link to the reporting page are at
and a sample qsl card (which incorporates the 1984 design) is at

  Further information, questions please post on the UO-11 Forum on the
AMSAT-UK web site at
or to g3wgm@amsat.org
</repeated message>

Jim Heck G3WGM
visit www.uk.amsat.org
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