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Re: Re: Idea for more satellites in short time

Or we could just arrange to put one on every "trash" barge that goes up at 
that cost....they did it once...of course we would have to figure out which BB 
to TALK ABOUT it on ;-)


In a message dated 02/27/04 2:22:17 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
vk3ukf@hotmail.com writes:

> KISS principle, how about this then, get a VHF repeater happening with some 
>  solar cells on it, NO telemtry, NO backup systems, No nothing else but 
>  repeater and solar cells. Cart it up to ISS and throw it out the door, 
>  like that disgusting SWATCH thing that they didn't even turn on (thank 
>  If it goes bung, it's a hundred bucks or so down the drain, plus our time 
>  and effort, but cheap and quick, you bet. (Launch costs (batteries) not 
>  included). A real get away special.
>  Kevin VK3UKF
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