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Tracking of UO-11 beacon


The UO-11 beacon was very strong here in Virginia Friday. I tracked an 
overhead pass, with the aid of Full Doppler Tracking. The S-band antenna is 
the N3IYR dish with RHC polarization. The Down-converter is a UEK-3000. I 
used Nova for Windows and my W6IHG Radio Tuner for FDT. I was also running 
the AO-40Rcv to give me an audio spectrum display.

The beacon started out with a fairly clean tone (looked like a CW signal on 
the audio waterfall). Then another tone(s) came in which broaden out the 
display and a beat was heard that had the amplitude of the tones varying at 
a several cycle per second rate. This was very broad but weak at TCA. Then 
the changes reversed and went back to a clean tone just before the signal 
was lost.

The maximum amplitude of the signal was three units on the AO-40Rcv 
amplitude display. I recall someone said each of these were 10 dB???

Very interesting. I want to figure out how to and set up Monday to get a 
recording of these signals.

What does the 1200 baud AFSK sound like on S-band? What I heard was not at 
all like the VHF telemetry signal.

Jerry, W6IHG
Dr. Jerry R. Pixton, PIXOS Designs LLC

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