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Re: VK/ZL ops?

Ok Bob, I'm one of the hams who has been critisising the LEO's because there
is no-one to contact from here in Western Australia. I have a spare radio, I
have a spare PC and a broadband internet connection.
Echolink is a nightmare for me , I have tried for over a year to get it up
and running, it was ok on my dialup , but my ISP tells me that its very
difficult to implement on broadband with the router I have, firewall issues
.I would be happy to set things up here , if it can be done. I would
dedicate an Icom IC 820, build a couple of quadrifilar helixes for 2 & 70
and an old Pc ( 450 mhz processor).
All I want is the guiding hand, I mean I cant get echolink to run, no one is
interested in helping, I'm happy to make things for the radio side of the
project, I had my own antenna business for a few years so that side of
things isnt a problem, but I have little computer experience when it comes
to sorting out UDP addresses etc.
If some one wants a link to the outside world from Perth Western Australia ,
on the sartellites I will provide it , as long as I get help to guide me
through the setting up.
OK , I'm sitting back waiting
73 de Keith VK6XH
Amsat NA 35338

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