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Re: VK/ZL ops?

> >...from this part of the world, 
> >there is practically no activity on any of the LEO satellites.

>An unbelievable opportunity.  We need to take advantage
>of that.... there... 

And what better time to get this ready than for when ECHO
gets to orbit.  The hard part will be how we manage access
to the satgate side of the node.  Its the same "FM for the
masses" bottle neck.  But these ideas come to mind:

Forget the ECHOLINK or IRLP idea.  The bottlneck
is just far too big...

The way to assure someone is "listening" to the
satellite in those remote areas when someone calls
via the satellite is to have a satgate linked into a
common terrestrial FM repeater in a populated area
like Hawaii...

This way, someone on
a boat in the Million Square miles in the middle of
the pacific would have a 5 minute chance a few
times a day to QSO someone driving around Hawaii.

In fact, I like this better than a worldwide free-for-all
on the Internet...

Just tie in the FM Satgate in these "isolated" areas
into a FM repeater where there may be someone 
listening, so that the Satellite user can raise someone
when they want a QSO.

Just some ideas
de WB4APR, Bob
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