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More satellites (analog) in short time


I think the FM modulation for satellites is not the
best idea, although it is the easiest electronical way
to do...
FM would be very much KISS, to much for me hihi

My idea was something like the mode-b transponder I
made for VUSAT (look on my webpage) and place it
between two solar panels (maybe small battery) and
ready is your satellite. Just a radio, no on board
computers, controlling system sensors etc...
OBCs only take lot of power and mostly cause
failures... leave all the luxery... KISS (Keep It
Stupid Simple)

I don'nt know the costs of Ao40 but I think you can
make some 100 or more of these sats for the same
price... We need only 3 or 4, so it must not be a big
problem to finance them :o) Its only a lot of
construction work, but for me this is ham radio :o)

Just some comment from a designers viewpoint,

73 de PE1RAH, William

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