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Re: VK/ZL ops?

> > I am thinking of operating satellite in VK and ZL...

>Working LEO satellites from this part of the world, 
>... is really a test  of one's persistence....
>there is practically no activity on any of the LEO satellites.

An unbelievable opportunity.  We need to take advantage
of that.  Someone  there, and Hawaii, and South Africa
and Antarctica, and Alaska needs to connect an IRLP or
ECHOLINK node to a radio.  This would assure
that at least ONE END of a QSO opportunity always
exists.  Then someone in that area would have someone
to talk to.

USA, EUROPE, JAPAN and anywhere else where there
is high usage.  Dont even think about it.

But it can work in those remote areas and it SHOULD
be a goal of our Amateur Satellite Mission.  This is what
we did with all the APRS capable satelites.  We have
satgates linked by the internet so that those people in
those remote areas can still communicae LIVE via the
satellite to anyone anywhere else on the planet.

We have everything to do this.  There is nothing to 
invent.  Just plug a radio into a PC, download the
ECHOlink software and bring it onto the internet and 
bingo, you have an ECHOlink.

I havent done ECHO link recently, but I think it allowed
for up to three simultaneous connections.  This is good.
It would let three people anywhere on the planet connet
and talk with those in the wilderness...

And it works in reverse.  THe wilderness user can access
anyone in the world when the bird flies over.  He just uses
his HT TTone pad to dial up (via the satellite) any other 
node on the planet.

Again, DONT EVEN THINK about putting up such a node
in the highly HAM populated areas.  but it is an IDEAL
concept elsewhere.

de WB4APR, Bob

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