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Re: re info on OSCAR 11, VE2DWE

On 25 Feb 2004 at 20:00, kayser@sympatico.ca wrote:

> To Luc Leblanc, VE2DWE, AMSAT Member 33583
> >From Larry Kayser, VA3LK, AMSAT Life Member #3
> Re: the battery in OSCAR 11, UOSAT 2
> Greetings Luc:
> You will have to tell everyone on the AMSAT reflector that I did NOT put you up to asking a question about 
the battery in OSCAR 11!

Hi Larry

Say hello to Clare VE3NPC. Happy to hear about a founder coming out from the solids world. As Odo it is 
unfortunate we cannot shape shift things but when reading about UO-11 i was questionning myself about the 
batteries soap drama. As you stated technology is just right there not to be invented just to be used or 
adapted (remember the Arrow).

You are right you didn't put me up to ask anything but i missed to added you up in my countries visit list. 
Canada indeed not too far away from US. You roll on I-81 and i often roll on  I-89 and I-87. 

What i learn from your experience about satellite batteries seems to be more than go to radio s... buy a pack 
a batteries ask for you batteries club card and go away and installed them. One straight fact remain UO-11 is 
still on the air and march first i hope someone will celebrate that succes and i wished you will one of 

It will be also interessting to have some post on the making of UO-11 in a way to pay a tribute to the team 
of founders in naming them.

I'm returning into the Gamma quadrant 

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Jem Ha'dar a proud Dominion defender... 

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Coordonnateur AMSAT pour le Québec
Quebec AMSAT coordinator
Sites web sites: www.qsl.net/ve2dwe

Echolink node 115340 VE2DWE-L
Echolink node 101810 VE2DWE

P.O. Box 341
Sorel-Tracy  QC.
J3P 5T6

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