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Idea for more satellites in short time


To continue on a previous message I posted on
AMSAT-BB, as a comment to the financial issue:

It is maybe a good idea to make some 3 or more KISS
(Keep It Stupid Simple) medium sized satellites.
With 3 or more I mean all copies of each other.

Making a copy of something (good) saves time and also
money, and we have what we want, more satellites in a
short time, for a small price :o)

Maybe with 3 or 4 satellites in HEO you can interlink
them, so you have litterly world-wide satellite
contacts. Maybe a better idea than a multi-functional
satellite where only 2 options are used at one time,
and only a few percent of the ham community can use

When the satellites are made small they maybe can also
been launched on one rocket, and in orbit you let them
slowly drift away from each other...
This would save also more launch costs...

Propapbly only one mode will be possible on each
satellite to keep the size small, but its better than
nothing... And with todays SMD technology this must be

As an example: Have a look on my webpage where are
some pictures of the P3e mode-b transponder PCBs that
I made for AMSAT-DL...

Just an idea to think about :o)

73 de PE1RAH, William

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