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Re: RS-15

Sorry, first send was truncated by a misbehaving computer!

At 06:23 PM 2/24/2004, Robert Bruninga wrote:
>Can you clarify?
>Is RS-15 always on?  And the only reason nothing is
>heard most of the time is that there are no users?
> From what you way below, it seems like it shouldnt
>be that hard.  But with the death of more of our
>satelites, it RS-15 is always ON, then I could even
>get interesetd in listening to it...


I'm not sure if it's always on, but I believe so.  I would consider RS-15 
to be a moderate satellite to work.  Not as easy as the Fuji birds, but 
easier than AO-10 the last time it woke up.

Like I stated in a previous post, the experience is definitely enhanced by 
being able to put a highly directional, switchable polarity signal INTO the 
bird.  I can hear the bird on an old Sony PR-1 SWL active antenna I have 
mounted outside.  A gain antenna on receive will also enhance the experience.

Here is how I built a 10 m turnstile to work the bird:

I took about 10' of 1.5' PVC, with a "plug" in the end.  The plug is one of 
those rubber plugs with large steel washers on either side where you cinch 
down the wing nut and it tightens.  I replaced the hardware with 
stainless.  I took a 1' four way pvc junction, and glued 4 1' pieces of PVC 
for the elements of the turnstile.  I drilled through the center of the 4 
way, and put the bolt for the plug through the hole.  Now visualize a 10' 
upright with 4 arms gently arcing towards the ground.  I wire tied copper 
wire to the arms for the elements, and phased them at the 4 way 
junction.  I drilled a hole in a frisbee, and it sits on top of the 4 way, 
and protects the feed point and hardware from the rain.  My neighbors think 
it is some sort of clothesline.

Would this sat be useful for roundtable discussions?  Probably not.  It is 
useful, because of it's high orbit as a DX tool.  The footprint easily 
links Europe and NA on a regular basis.

73, Mike kf4fdj 

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