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Re: RS-15

At 06:23 PM 2/24/2004, Robert Bruninga wrote:
>Can you clarify?
>Is RS-15 always on?  And the only reason nothing is
>heard most of the time is that there are no users?
> From what you way below, it seems like it shouldnt
>be that hard.  But with the death of more of our
>satelites, it RS-15 is always ON, then I could even
>get interesetd in listening to it...


I'm not sure if it's always on, but I believe so.  I would consider RS-15 
to be a moderate satellite to work.  Not as easy as the Fuji birds, but 
easier than AO-10 the last time it woke up.

Like I stated in a previous post, the experience is definitely enhanced by 
being able to put a highly directional, switchable polarity signal INTO the 
bird.  I can hear the bird on an old Sony PR-1 SWL active antenna I have 
mounted outside.  A gain antenna on receive will also enhance the experience.

I took about 10' of 1.5' PVC, with a "plug" in the end.  The plug is one of 
those rubber plugs with large steel washers on either side where you cinch 
down the wing nut and it tightens.  I replaced the hardware with 
stainless.  I took a 1' four way pvc junction, and glued 4 1' pieces of PVC 
for the elements of the turnstile.  I drilled through the center of the 4 
way, and put the bolt for the plug through the hole.  Now visualize a 10' 
upright with 4 arms gently arcing towards the ground.  I wire tied copper 
wire to the arms for the elements, and phased them at the 4 way 
junction.  I drilled a hole in a frisbee, and it sits on top of the 4 way, 
and protects the feed point and hardware from the rain.  My neighbors think 
it is some sort of clothesline.  

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