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accurate NOAA data

Hi folks, thanks for the comments re NOAA 15 being turned OFF. I was 
surprised that NOAA 15 got turned OFF instead of NOAA 12.
I am really surprised by the fact that the Australian NOAA satellite page 
run by the UNSW at the Siding Springs Observatory


is more accurate and up to date that the U.S. websites run by NOAA,


they still suggest NOAA 15 is turned ON.

Also, I am finding that the VHF NOAA 17 signal seems weak. anyone else find 

and if Loren, WA7SKT is reading,

Dick Smith Electronics VHF APT rx kit.
about $90.00. Australian. go to http://www.dse.com.au and type k3226 into 
the search window on the left and press the yellow go button.
I have been sending to the WXsat list but keep getting my mail returned. Did 
it get the chop as they were threatening?

is there an alternative to Hotmail that anyone can suggest, because,
I didn't want Shockwave Media Flash player on the computer. but you can't 
look at a hotmail page without this installation dialogue continually 
appearing, it also chews up our bandwidth while it is downloading a portion 
of itself before it asks you if you want to install it and there is no way 
to tell it NO and DO NOT SHOW ME THIS DIALOGUE again. Hotmail also has a 
nasty habit of changing ALL of the URLs into hotmail flavours that are 
actually EXPIRED links in our saved emails, this is intolerable.

Thanks again all.
Kevin Forbes.

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