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Tracking down RFI PCR style

I found an excellent use for my PCR-1000 with TalkPCR software - tracking 
down RFI in the shack!  I slapped a very good dual band whip on the PCR 
itself and then away we went.  The results are here:


I was able to identify (though not cure) every peak shown here by 
monitoring signals on the PCR and my 910 since I eventually need to turn 
off my main computer.   The process was to mostly turn on and off other 
stuff in the house and see the results.  What I learned was surprising.

No amount of grounding helped.  Almost all the noise was computer or 
network based (the lower peaks) and the worse offender (the big peaks - 
especially on 70cm.) was my MFJ-1278B TNC.  That was a real surprise.  I'll 
bet in the heyday they tested well on 2m (almost silent) but never 70cm.

I'm not a gleefully happy camper after this, but I'm close.  The solutions 
aren't as bad as I thought they would be.  I'll probably invest in better 
network cabling even though I solved my ISS issues (with a new router) 
which is what started me down this path.  I think my MFJ has to be put in a 
Faraday shield of some sort.



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