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RE: Leo Class stations


I'm currently am in the midst of experimenting with various LEO antenna 
arrangements to expand my portable operation.  One idea that I currently 
like is the idea
of using a simple az-only TV rotator (available at RadioShack,etc for 
~$60) to rotate a small vertical beam.  The beam is tilted upwards 
slightly with respect to the horizon.  This provides good gain for the 
lower elevation parts of the pass, and as the bird gets up higher its 
increasing signal strength compensates for the beam's reduced 
sensitivity at higher elevations.  The relatively low gain of the system 
makes pointing requirements not all that stringent.
I believe Bob Bruninga has described this setup in the past.  You might 
find some relevant info at http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/rotator1.html

Hope this helps,
David Carr
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