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Re: Peltier element in space ?

Hello William, and other AMSAT-ers,

The idea of using a Peltier device is of some interest to me - particularly if it could somehow be mounted (and/or the satellite attitude controlled) so as to give you proper orientation (and not jeopardize other operational features for the satellite).  One (always the same)  "side" should face the sun (heat) and the other darkness (cold) to work best (highest yield). Likely a compromise would have to be made between the amount of optimum sun exposure and craft attitide.

I would be a little concerned about the efficiency potential of the device but do not know enough in specific to say if it is feasible or not.  It might be possible to use it as an augmenting DC source in addition to solar cells though of course that means a little "smarter" regulator circuit.  

Would it perhaps be feasible to use these sources instead of heavier batteries, or at least could it mean fewer needed (or better effectiveness of the same total number with more switching options to take defective cells out-of-circuit)?

Thanks for a good item to mull.


An AMSAT member without my number handy... :-)

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On 2/25/2004 at 1:55 AM William Leijenaar wrote:

>Where did I ask for any help ???
>I just post the message because maybe someone else who has more experience 
>can just give me the answer, so I don't have to brows throught all the
>on internet to find the same answer after several days, or even find it 
>never on internet...
>On the other hand I try to keep the average topic on AMSAT-BB in the 
>technical area.
>And I don't like fishing, its just wasting of time and with it we get no
>I should say when you like fishing go fishing so I can go on with
>new ideas for new sats :o)
>73 de PE1RAH, William
>>From: Mike West <wl7bqm@gci.net>
>>To: William Leijenaar <pe1rah@hotmail.com>
>>Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Peltier element in space ?
>>Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 08:18:08 -0900
>>Asking for more help, AGAIN?
>>GEE!, William, for someone that will not give help.... YOU sure do ask
>>lot of help...
>>I say go fish.....
>>de mike

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