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RE: Leo Class stations (Antenna Options)


May have not stated my question as well as I should, so let me try again.

One answer for working LEO sats is to build a HEO class station with full Az
over El control of crossed yagis, helix or other gain stage antennas. There
are many reasons to take this approach such as future proofing your
installation for future HEO birds, higher gain in the link margin and lots
of other good technical reasons.

My question was what about the other path, a simple station with some sort
of vertical, turnstile, eggbeater, or other less technically, and costly
antenna approach? My previous limited experience with simple verticals and
preamps on Ko23 and Uo22 produced a mixed bag of results. So so on low
passes, which were short duration due to orbital mechanics and so so on long
passes which were mostly directly overhead North to South or the inverse. I
tended to find that reception was OK over most of a pass, getting into the
queue was usually the problem due to a low uplink margin driven by the
vertical's radiation pattern.

Hopefully, someone on the BB has had more time and money to play with the
various forms of omni's and can comment on the good band and ugly of the
fixed antenna path.


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