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Re: Operating frequencies for FO-29

>  The technique most use is to join a QSO and immediately lock your 
> transmitter on whatever frequency you are on.  Then tune your receiver to 
> move with the other stations. When it's your turn to talk quickly touch 
> up your transmit frequency and then immediately lock it again and follow 
> your own voice with the receiver.

Yes, yes, yes, Emily...

I made a few contacts on FO29 recently, did some listening, and also 
discovered users are changing their xmit frequency, apparently keeping 
their receive fixed.

No, no, no...

This is an old chestnut, and I weary of repeating it for the umpteenth time...

If your program varies the xmit frequency disable it, maintain as near a 
fixed xmit as you can, once locate on frequency, and then vary ONLY your 
receive frequency with occasional touch-up to stay in sync.

If only two people on freq it doesn't make much difference, but with more 
than two, and/or relatively inexperienced operators try the the fixed 
xmit....It will make your tuning easier as well as all on frequency.

Remember, depending on your location relative to the satellites path, 
everyone's doppler can, and most probably, is different

Some chatter on hear about varying the procedure depending on "what link" 
but it doesn't make any difference.

A litle history.  When FO12 (same frequencies as FO20, FO29)was launched 
the Japanese recommended changing the xmit frequency, and that was 
prescribed as protocol by the powers that be at that time.

About 8 of us across the country, mostly groups of three or more in a round 
table, made many dozens of contacts, and decided at that time that it was 
much easier, and beneficial to MAINTAIN A FIXED XMIT FREQUENCY...  After 
about a year of convincing Vern Riportolla, wa2lqq, was FINALLY convinced 
and wrote the article in AMSAT SATELLITE REPORT #157 DATED 14sept87.

If you do not have access to a copy you can view it at:


see doppler3.jpg

Stick a fork in me, I'm done!!

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn.... 

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