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Re: Re: RS-15

>I said, and you quoted:
> >Full legal power is not needed, but 110
> >watts into a 22 element circularly polarized antenna does the trick.

You said:

>Thats Approximately  1.7 Kilowatts Eirp.   I think that close enought to full
>legal power to qualify.  And more importantly shows how really deaf this 
>satellite is, which was the
>point before you so elquently skewed it.

Actually it's closer to 35.41 dBW or 3,475 watts ERP.  Many ops I know have 
a 100 watt brick, and a high gain 2 meter antenna.  My point was it is 
doable as I stated in my post, WITHOUT full legal power.  100 watts out of 
the PA is 100 watts out of the PA.  The satellite is not an easy one to 
work, but a good test of your equipment, tenacity, and ability.

I have many QSL cards from contacts on RS-15, including a couple Europeans.

73, Mike 

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