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Electronic vs. paper Journal

Some recent comments on this issue made me think of a possible middle ground.  The Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association (AOPA) publishes the *text* of their membership magazine (AOPA Pilot)each month.  Each article or column is a link on their site and is archived for on-line searching.

Obviously a lot of the Journal articles are graphic intensive but believe me so are aviation articles.  The on-line text becomes available so far ahead of the print version that I've usually read most if not all the articles by the time the magazine shows up.  When it does make it, I know just what to look for to supplement my sometime faulty visualizations.  It's also nice to look at the airplanes and people and the ads.

So no, I don't think electronic publication of the Journal can replace the paper version, neither do I think the electronic version must be one huge PDF file.  I think there's some utility to having text versions of the articles available on-line.

Dave Reinhart

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