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Regarding preamps

Icom preamps are *not* VOX switched.  See a previous post of mine about how I burned out an AG-25 when I changed over to a TS-2000+SSB Electronics sequencer but didn't set the TS-2000 menus correctly.

The Icom preamps are designed to work with Icom radios which put the supply voltage on the coax line and drop it when the radios transmit.  It's basically an internal sequencer.  Contrast this to the preamps sold by SSB Electronics (SP-2000 & SP-7000) that *do* RF sense and to which power can be supplied continuously.

Bottom line: if you are using an Icom preamp with a non-Icom radio be *certain* that the voltage on the coax is being dropped before the radio transmits.  Believe me, I learned it the hard way.

Dave Reinhart

Emily wrote:

I looked at these last year as well and there were two things that I weighed against them. The first was that they are VOX switched which seemed less desirable than PTT switched. Second was that the 70cm NF is 1.1db, which was higher than the < 1db of the AG-35.

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