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Re: [officers] FCC on Cognitive Radio Technology and Software Defined Radios

At 12:36 PM 19-02-2004, Arthur H Feller wrote:
>FCC's Notice of Proposed Rulemaking was released this week.  Complete text 
>is available online at:
>Comments due 3 May 2004
>Reply comments due 1 June 2004

Will we respond to this?  Seems we ought to for at least these reasons.

         1.  Cognitive radios likely will raise significantly an already 
increased noise floor in many bands we use.

         2.  Cognitive radios operated under Part 15 likely will not 
understand the concept of sensitive receivers being operated in licensed 
services, especially for satellite downlinks.

         3.  Cognitive radios intended for the amateur service may not be 
restricted easily to these bands, thus creating what may be a regulatory 

Suggest we decide very soon if we're going to comment and, if yes, who will 
do the first draft.

73, art..... 

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