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Re: alternatives

At 03:49 PM 2/23/2004 -0500, Luc Leblanc VE2DWE wrote:

>After reading the status reports on the amsat web site it looks like P3D was
>launched with known problems, ie. critical valves not opening and closing,
>software glitches, rounding errors large enough that the spin of the bird
>couldn't be changed.  I wonder if the launch team put the complaints of the
>amateur community over launch delays ahead safety and reliability of the
>bird, eh?

I wasn't around in 2000 but if the amount of bitching, moaning, second 
guessing and finger pointing that goes on today existed then, I'm surprised 
the launch team didn't just slingshot a trained hamster with two HT's just 
to put a stop to all of it.  If I was on the team of builders all I could 
probably think are things like "What the h**l did I sign up for." and "What 
did I do to deserve this kind of abuse."

What if they did put the complaints ahead of reliability and safety in a 
calculated risk kind of way? Who would be to blame?  Should someone fly 
around the world, stick out their tongue and say "I told you so" to all 
those who said "just get on with it".

This is rocket science, and delays, mistakes and problems happen with any 
technology project.  I would challenge anyone to give an example of any 
project that went start to finish without a hitch.  It never happens.

One very important factor in the equation of making projects successful is 
how risk is managed and perhaps that is the real problem.  With all of the 
screaming on the BB about when we can replace AO-40, it's no wonder no one 
is talking about risk assessment, redundancy and disaster 
management.  Rather reacting to current events by putting pressure on 
management to react (like to get the Eagle thermometer posted),  perhaps 
people on the BB should start to think about supporting a proactive effort 
by AMSAT to manage risks more effectively in the future.



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