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Regarding Pre Amps

As for pre amps there is another option unless I missed it on the BB.
Therefore, you might consider a Landwehr preamp.  I was looking for preamps
when AO-13 was up and running.  The Landwehr won hands down with noise
figure of .7 ,etc.  .They also could stand a LOT of power through them.  The
2m one would allow 175? watts as is.  OR you could change soemthing inside
and it could handle 750 watts.   However, I'm not sure they are for sale.
There are used ones and someone who repairs them I think.  Hope this help


 22:04:49 -0500
From: Steve Meuse <>
Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Icom 706 use on Sats

Thus spake Emily Clarke (w0eec@AMSAT.Org):

> Yes, I was referring to the all-wx, coax powered TR switched (and
> controlled on/off from the front panel.) I looked at the Kenwood and Yaseu
> sites and didn't see anything comparable to what Icom offered.  It's
> possible they do, but I didn't see them. (This was a year ago so I don't
> know if they have since offered them.)  I looked at the SSB preamps last
> year and the difference in price between the Icom ($149) and the SSB
> didn't warrant getting the SSB.

I noticed that Icom doesn't like the noise factor for their pre-amps. My
gues is that it's over 1db. The SSB pre-ampts offer 20db of gain and a NF
Max of .8 db. The difference (maybe) in NF is probably worth the price.

Does anyone know what the NF of the Icom pre-amps are?
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