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re: RS-15

>   I agree.  I haven't heard anything from RS-15 for along time.  It never 
>   really was ever as good as RS-10/11 & RS-12/13.   My 10meter setup for sat 
>   receive isn't all that good, but it worked well for RS-10 -12 and AO-7 
>   reception.

I hear its CW beacon fairly routinely these days, and my receive setup is
fairly minimal: Kenwood TH-F6A HT and a horizontally-polarized 10m twin-lead
J-pole strung between a 2nd story balcony and a tree branch about 7' above
ground.  I would not necessarily expect to hear it using a terrestrial 10
meter antenna if it has much gain, as the pattern may not be helpful unless 
RS-15 is close to the horizon.  

Uplink requirements ought not be too bad, as apparently the Russians can't 
run much power at 2 meters.
				  -- KD6PAG
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