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Print Journal vs. Electronic

Phil Karn's comments in support of an electronic journal
don't take into account the economic realities of
printing.  They also assume that everyone has wideband
internet access.  

On the first point, if we suddenly reduced the journal 
print run from 5,000 to 500, for example, it would probably
reduce the printing cost by 20%, not by 90%.  The reason
is that the major components of the job are the amortized cost 
of the press itself and the setup and press-wash costs.  Ink
and paper don't dominate the equation.

On the second point, even cable modem internet service is
sometimes very slow, despite the promise of 750k or so bandwidth,
actual data transfer rates of 15k are often seen in the afternoon,
where I am.  (DSL has just become available here...can cutover be
far away?) Most private internet access is STILL via dialup.

The third point is...I get 27 magazines and journals.  Some work
electronically just fine...throwaway headline news services, for
example.  Others require more careful reading, and reside in the
appropriate stack in the appropriate bathroom.  

In closing, I was among the first to suggest that the Frankford
Radio Club stop mailing me their journal, in favor of an electronic
form. I discovered that it's hard to read.  It takes more time to access.  
After a few years, I stopped reading it altogether.  Just wasn't
worth the trouble.  

For what it's worth.

Jim Jarvis, n2ea

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