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ICom 706 use on Sats

>The FT847 would work with the Icom preamps, as it will
>send 12 volts up the coax.  However, if you have a
>brick amplifier, this will not work.  It will not work
>if you use the icom with an amplifier either, however.

How exactly would that work? I've been through the FT847 manual back and
front and see no
option for supplying 12V via the coax ??? Am I missing something, or do you
mean using a coupler
and supplying the 12V via an outside source (didn't seem like that's what
you were saying).
I'd really appreciate it if you could clarify this. Since I'd much rather
supply the 12V
via the rig, and sans a coupler !!!!!

Regards, M. K. Hess, N3EAQ

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