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UO22 and Re: Oscar-Echo APRS

Perhaps the reason they turned off digi-peating on UO-22 is a battery
problem. Not only was d set to 0, but the bird isn't on at night anymore.
Can the UO-22 control op comment on this?

73 Jeff kb2m

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> >>> "Pedro EB4DKA" <eb4dka@AMSAT.Org> 02/22/04 9:26 AM >>>
> > Will the Oscar-Echo support APRS?
> My understanding is that ECHO will have a digital transponder
> similar to UO-22 and the other PACSATS that will be on most
> of the time.  In that mode it can digipeat low-duty-cycle APRS if
> the DIGIpeat bit is enabled.
> The question is whether that bit will be ON or OFF and when.
> It will probably boil down to demand.  The UO-22 digi bit had been
> ON since 1999, showing that these two modes can share a
> transponder perfectly well.  But recently when UO-22 was reloaded
> in 2004, the APRS bit has been OFF.  Thus stranding the APRS
> WX station on Antarctica and others who depended on this
> transponder.
> I believe there will be an ECHO committee that will make
> operational decisions about ECHO.  I guess it all depends on
> Demand.  If People want to see UI digipeating, then they should
> let their AMSAT area coordinators know.  If they want old fashioned
> PACSAT operations and to exclude UI digipeating, then they should
> also let their AMSAT representatives know.  Whether that bit is
> enabled will probably be determined by how the ECHO committee
> perceives the needs of the users...
> An opinion only...
> de WB4APR Bob
> (Not connected with ECHO or AMSAT on this subject)

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