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Re: Icom 706 use on Sats

Thus spake Emily Clarke (w0eec@AMSAT.Org):

> Yes, I was referring to the all-wx, coax powered TR switched (and 
> controlled on/off from the front panel.) I looked at the Kenwood and Yaseu 
> sites and didn't see anything comparable to what Icom offered.  It's 
> possible they do, but I didn't see them. (This was a year ago so I don't 
> know if they have since offered them.)  I looked at the SSB preamps last 
> year and the difference in price between the Icom ($149) and the SSB ($250) 
> didn't warrant getting the SSB.

I noticed that Icom doesn't like the noise factor for their pre-amps. My 
gues is that it's over 1db. The SSB pre-ampts offer 20db of gain and a NF
Max of .8 db. The difference (maybe) in NF is probably worth the price.

Does anyone know what the NF of the Icom pre-amps are?

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