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Re: Icom 706 use on Sats

Hi Ed,

At 10:26 AM 2/22/2004 -0900, you wrote:
>Nice comparison Emily.
>I do wonder why Steve is wanting to part with the FT-736R though.  Many
>operators consider its performance superior to the new rigs.  You can get
>modules for 6m/23cm.  Just curious.

Excellent question - Bill Greene VE7WFG asked me exactly that question.  I 
don't know, but I know Bill thinks the world of 736's and is looking for 

>Emily, I wonder what you are calling mast-mounted preamps?  Do you mean
>all-wx, coax powered, T/R switched?  I am sure that Kenwood and Yaesu have
>preamps (may not be all-wx enclosures).  I would direct people to
>aftermarket suppliers: ARR, DEM, SSB, Lunar, etc.

Yes, I was referring to the all-wx, coax powered TR switched (and 
controlled on/off from the front panel.) I looked at the Kenwood and Yaseu 
sites and didn't see anything comparable to what Icom offered.  It's 
possible they do, but I didn't see them. (This was a year ago so I don't 
know if they have since offered them.)  I looked at the SSB preamps last 
year and the difference in price between the Icom ($149) and the SSB ($250) 
didn't warrant getting the SSB.

>I have the FT-847, bought in 2000, and am happy with it.  I am eager to add
>a clearspeech DSP for SSB operation and better mech filters than the stock
>one (mainly for HF).  The DSP seems to work well (esp on CW).  I wish the
>min CW-DSP was 50Hz vs 25Hz for weak-signal work.  The narrow setting has
>too much ringing for my hearing on eme.

I have my ups and downs with DSP's generally.  There are days when I I love 
the Clearspeech and other times I hate it.  It may be because I'm using the 
speaker version.  I consistently like the DSP built into the 910H but there 
are a few other controls I wish it had (ones similar to those available on 
some of the software DSPs.)

>I replaced my FT-840 (HF) and VHF
>xvtrs with the FT-847 so having it all in one box is nice (I also have a
>FT-817 for portable operations: sat or mw).  I opted for the DEM 144/1268
>Tx-conv for mode-L (no longer available) and also have a DEM xvtrs for
>1296, 3456, and 10368 MHz...like their equipment!

I thought seriously about the DEM transverter for L mode, and am still 
considering the DB6NT but I see a lot of advantage to having the Icom 1.2G 
module integrated into the box



>At 07:45 AM 2/22/2004 -0800, Emily Clarke wrote:
> >You can use TWO Icom 706's or a 706 and a good wideband receiver starting
> >(pricewise) with the Icom PCR-1000, but the serious operators when buying
> >new have three options:  the Icom 910H (which I own), the TS-2000 or the
> >FT-847.  Here is the quick analysis that lead me to buy the 910:
> >
> >TS-2000
> >strengths:  6M/HF, lots of configurations (including PC only), cross band
> >repeat
> >weaknesses: no vendor mast mounted preamps, factory upgrade to 1.2G,lots of
> >software complaints, lowest power on UHF 100W(V)/50W(U), highest price
> >
> >FT-847
> >strengths: 6M/HF, very popular (many user groups), good software support,
> >DSP Standard, mid price
> >weaknesses: no vendor mast mounted preamps, no 1.2G option, lowest overall
> >power 50W(V)/50W(U)
> >
> >Icom 910H
> >strengths:  Least expensive, highest power on UHF (75W) easy to use,
> >excellent display, lots of accessories, user upgrade to 1.2G, lowest price
> >weaknesses: cost of accessories, not supported by WiSP, no 6m/HF, DSP
> >Optional (at that time - now standard)
> >
> >Since I live in a townhouse apartment (no HF antenna space) HF was not a
> >big consideration.  User upgrade to 1.2G was.  Also, I was buying just
> >before Field Day 2003 and my role was to be 2m/70cm SSB weak signal in
> >addition to satellite ops.  So the extra power was a factor.
> >
> >73,
> >
> >Emily
> >
> >
> >At 12:27 PM 2/21/2004 -0800, you wrote:
> >>Anyone used a Icom 706 as part of a Oscar station, LEO flavor or HEO 
> flavor.
> >>I am considering selling a FT 736 which I used for LEO work in the early
> >>90's in favor of a 706 paired with an old TS 700A.
> >>
> >>Comments from anyone using a similar setup would be appreciated.
> >>
> >>Steve

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