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AO-7 weirdness and other things

I've been listening/working the AO-7 evening passes now that the old girl is
in sun for a major part of the pass here in Florida, and have heard some
things that bother me.

1) The guy running CW so loud he has 500 hz of chirp. Can you not hear that?
Turn the power down and we can all use the bird. The chirp is so bad I can
not even copy a full call.

2) Why all of a sudden are so many ops use the reverse sidebands of the
agreed upon norm? This make interference all the worse. Long standing
tradition (for good reason) has the uplink on inverting transponders LSB and
the downlink USB. Please folks, stick to the plan and use the right

We have so little up there working right now where more than 2 people can
hold a QSO...why be a lid and screw it up for everyone else?

/rant mode off

73, Drew KO4MA

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